Crabstickz Fanart!
Anonymous: Yeah, so uhmm about the ship thing? uhm, I'm 5'4 with shoulder length black hair, chinky hazelnut eyes.. hmm, People would describe me as bubbly who laughs allot and makes people really happy. I might not be the brightest person but I can say that I'm pretty good at school. hmm, I'm currently taking up Film Production and all those MassMedia related things.. I'm really friendly and happy :) 

i think you’d be great with Chris

Anonymous: { Ship please! } I'm 5'4 with shoulder length ginger-y hair. I absolutely adore fantasy genres and history. I'm pretty shy upon first meeting but as soon as I am comfortable I start talking away making stupid puns and things like that. During social interactions I almost always embarrass myself though and I think pancakes are the best food ever and I could literally eat them for days If I had to 

Ship granted!

I ship you with the cutiepie named Phil (:



Hey a new pj imagine is out for your viewing pleasure.

Anonymous: I'm 18 I have long brown hair and blue eyes, I'm tall. I don't really have any hobbies apart from always staying in bed, going on the internet and constantly wanting pizza. I don't often go out because ew social interaction. :') 

I feel you on the social interaction part and thus ship you with Dan

Anonymous: For the shipping thing! I am a girl who is an art student, i live by myself in a flat that has different colour theme in every room, ive played the piano and i am a pretty optimistic and i laugh a lot, people describe me as a very colourful person and i dont really mind what people think about me, its important to be yourself. Im also pretty awkward person and i temp to fall down and bump in to things a lot :o 

of course you’d be a perfect match for Peej

Anonymous: Hi! could I have a ship? My name is Elle, im 18 and am pretty tall, with dark brown hair and dark eyes. I like watching musicals and superhero movies. I like going for really long walks and listening to music and creating scenarios in my head based off the songs. I also like playing guitar and napping. 

Well Elle I ship you with Chris or Dan :D

Currently taking ships! So come describe yourself - whatever you want to say - and I’ll ship you with one of the boys in the fantastic foursome!